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The best no-code platform
for your workflows

Coordinate your activities with a simple tool.

Share your informations with your teammates.

Fast-to-implement workflows

The simplest solution to create your custom workflows, in 3 steps:

- Create your workflow steps

- Define the decisions that can be made at each stage

- Choose the actors of each stage



pickaform - simple workflow - EN.png

Out-of-the-box applications templates

Use one or more applications amongst our pre-defined templates:

- Follow your business activities

- Follow your projects and tasks

- Follow your cases or files

- Follow your contacts

- Follow your human resources

- Follow your trainings

- Follow your memberships

- Follow your incidents, bugs, or customer claims

... and the list of templates evolve regularly

pickaform - modèle d'applications.png
pickaform - business CRM - EN.png

100% flexible

Download an application from our store, use it as this, or customize it, or create your custom application from scratch to fit your business needs!

Modify the forms, remove the fields you don't need, add your own fields, add some form features...

With PickaForm, it's the tool which adapts to your activity, and not you who has to adapt to the tool.

Attach files to your documents and preview them directly

Attached files

Connect forms together (an Invoice attached to a Contract)

Linked forms

Attach one or more events to a document and display them into the integrated calendar

Calendar events

Send emails with files attachments or links directly from a document

Send emails

Share your comments with your teammates


Keep track of all the actions performed on a document

History of actions

Create a snapshot of a document whenever you need it


Define your templates with MSWord then merge your form data into clean PDF documents

Document templates

Attach a workflow to any of your forms (Leave request, Contract...)


Define who can read and modify data at the document level


Simple but powerful

Enable the features you need on your forms...

- need to leave comments on this Contact form? 1 click!

- need to attach some files on this Recruitment form? 1 click!

- need to generate PDF documents from your form? 1 click!

- need to activate a workflow for your form? 1 click!

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