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Share the information and coordinate your action through a simplified interface


Clean lists of data

Enterprise management tools are often difficult to use, with a complex ergonomy.

With PickaForm, your informations are organized in a comprehensive way, and you can also modify your lists of data on the go, choose the columns you need, sort and group data by category...

In a word, you can adapt the tool to your way of working!

Everything in one place

Having the right information at the right time is the key to a successful collaboration.

Because your data is centralized into an online database, everyone can share and access the right version of the information instead of looking for it in scattered emails and spreadsheets.

Anywhere, anytime

As your applications are hosted in the cloud, you access your data instantly from any browser 24/7.

It will make no difference if you are at the office or on trip, and collaborating with your team will never be a problem anymore.

100% flexible


Download an application from our store, use it as this, or customize it, or create your custom application from scratch to fit your business needs!

Modify the forms, remove the fields you don't need, add your own fields, add some form features...

With PickaForm, it's the tool which adapts to your activity, and not you who has to adapt to the tool.

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