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Customizable applications

Adapt your applications to the way you work without coding


Drag & drop

To modify a form in your application, it's as easy as drag &drop.

The form builder tool allows you to make advanced layouts with disconcerting ease.


Simple yet powerful


Unlike other tools, the forms in PickaForm are not simply input zones.

You can also enable some features on your forms only by switching them on and off.


Features that you can enable on a form

Attach files to your records and preview them directly

Attached files

Connect forms together (example: a Project linked to its Invoices...)

Linked forms

Create one or more events attached to your records and see them in the integrated calendar

Calendar events

Send an email and attached files directly from a record


Share your record-based comments with your teammates


Keep an eye on every actions or modifications done on a record

History of actions

Create snapshots or a record and see the complete history


Define your template documents with Word and merge data from a record into a PDF document

Template documents

Attach a validation process to your forms (Contract, Leave request...)


Define who can read or modify each record


Create your apps!

With PickaForm, your can start from an application template, an Excel or CSV file, or a blank page, and the you create whatever you want.

Like some LEGO, you manipulate blocks that are forms, lists of data, columns, office templates, and also workflows.


With its unique flexibility, PickaForm covers a wide range of use cases like Project Management, Contact management/ CRM, Human Resources management or totally specific cases.

With only one tool, you'll be able to create on or more custom applications to enhance your productivity.

Adapt on the fly

Your activity is changing all the time, and that's why your applications should follow you.

With PickaForm, start immediately without fear: you'll be able to update your applications at any time when you'll need it.

Evolve in realtime!

Import your data


In only 3 simple steps, PickaForm builds a complete collaborative application for you from a simple Excel spreadsheet.

The electronic form is generated automatically and the list of data mimics the columns found in the Excel or CSV file.

You can also import data in an existing application just by telling the correspondence between your spreadsheet columns and the target form fields (mapping operation)

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