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Data visualization

Create your lists of data, choose your columns, sort and group your data easily.


Flexible organization


Unlike other applications, PickaForm offers you the liberty to organize your data as you want.

To go faster, we propose some pre-defined organization according to the type of application (contact management/CRM, project management, human resources management...)​, but you are free to rearrange everything as you need.

From a unique place, your coworkers have access to a clear synthesis of the data they need!

Custom columns

For each list of data, you can modify the columns, group data by category, and even integrate special columns like workflow actors or workflow step.

Exemple de liste d'incidents groupés par priorité et intervenant


Filtered data

Most of the time, a list of data must only display a subset of the data to focus on the information that matters.

To handle this, PickaForm provides a simple system that allows you to build your own requests without technical skills.


Simplified search

Each list of data has a "Google-like" search field that allows you to type some keywords to find your data.

The search engine looks into all the form fields but also into the attached files, if there are some.

Export Excel in 1 click

Even if the collaboration is simplified with a shared cloud application like PickaForm, you might also want to get your data back, either to build specific reports, either to keep an external snapshot.

For this reason, all the lists of data within PickaForm can be exported into Excel in 1 click.

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