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Transform you Excel

follow up activities

into shared

web applications



Start from an Excel sheet organized in columns


We can help you formatting your file before importation



Each Excel row will be transformed into a form

pickaform - formulaire.png

(1 Excel row = 1 data into the database)


Enhance your form

Break your form into sections for clarity

Adjust the size of your fields

Make certain fields mandatory

Add the ability to attach files in your documents

Activate "à la carte" features: comments, workflow...

All this, in a few clicks, thanks to an ultra-simplified form editor


List of features that can be added to a form

Attach files to your records and preview them directly

Attached files

Connect forms together (example: a Project linked to its Invoices...)

Linked forms

Create one or more events attached to your records and see them in the integrated calendar

Calendar events

Send emails with files attachments or links directly from a record

Send emails

Share your record-based comments with your teammates


Keep an eye on every actions or modifications done on a record

History of actions

Create snapshots of a record and see the complete history


Define your template documents with Word and merge data from a record into a PDF

Template documents

Attach a validation process to your forms (Contract, Leave request...)


Define who can read or modify each record



Access your data from a clean user interface

Some examples of interfaces generated with pickaform in a few minutes...

Applicant tracking system

pickaform - rh - suivi de candidatures.png

Business development CRM

pickaform - crm - suivi de prospection.png

Business contracts management

pickaform - legal - suivi des contrats.png

Magic potion management (Halloween special application...)

... because with Pickaform, it's the applications that adapt to your business, and not the other way around!

pickaform - Halloween - 1. Suivi potions magiques.png


Update your application as you use it

PickaForm is a platform that allows you to create

professional and powerful applications

without coding

It's a no-code / low-code platform with

native workflow capabilities

Your project seems a bit difficult?

No problem, we can also create your applications for you.

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