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Starting from 39€/month
and down to 1€/month/user
according to the number of users

No credit card required:
start your one month free trial

All inclusive

Our prices include all the features.

No complex offer,

no bad surprises...

Our packages fit all sizes of entreprises,

including freelancers

















We have many other plans beyond that, and also on-premise versions beyond 100 users.

Please contact us for more informations:

Frequently asked questions

Who uses PickaForm?

PickaForm is great for:

- enterprises

- associations

- public services

- freelancers

- anyone who wants to organize structured data

More generally, anyone who wants to organize data, to access it online securely, and eventually to share it with some teammates.

When will I be able to stop my subscription?

There is no constraint.

You can stop at anytime.

Will my data be secured?

Security and confidentiality is our major concern.

We host data exclusively in France and not in the USA.

The protocol https ensures that nobody can steal or exploit your data between your office and our servers, but you have to secure your password on your side!

It's expensive, isn't it?

On the contrary, it's not!

First, you don't pay anything until you are convinced, and you have one full month to try the product instead of the common 15 days.

On one hand, we perfectly know that on this kind of platform, very rich of many features, it takes time to evaluate everything we can do with it!

On the other hand, our serious competitors sell their solution around 24€/user/month where we can go down to 1€/user/month.

To be clear, we have better prices if we are compared to product with similar features.

Last but not least, we are alone to offer single user licence, because we know that our product can be useful to freelancers, and that they don't have the same budget as enterprises.

How can I take a subscription?

First, sign up and enjoy your free month including up to 20 users!

If you need to upgrade before the end of your free month, you'll do it directly from your PickaForm account management.

What will happen if I exceed a quota?

You'll have a message in the application, inviting you to upgrade or to clean your unused data or inactive users.

Who can see my data?

Only you.

Each application you create generates a brand new database on our server, 100% dedicated to you, in order to have the best  possible separation between you and other customers. We are nearly alone to do this in a multi-tenancy architecture!

Even the members of our team can't access your applications. But don't forget: if you loose your password, nobody will be able to help you!

How much data can I store on PickaForm?

PickaForm allows you to attach files to your form data, but its goal is not to replace a file management or a virtual drive (like Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox ...), so, we calculated that an average volume of 100MB of attachments per user was sufficient for standard use of our platform. For example, this represents 2GB of data for 20 users.

Contact us if you think your needs will exceed this usage.

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