Business processes made easy

Setup your own workflows and attach them to any of your forms


Simplified decision

When a workflow is enabled on a form, a dedicated header appears.

It shows the current workflow step and also what has to be done at this step.

The possible decisions are displayed a big buttons: you really can't miss them. Easy!

Complete history

When your form is progressing through the workflow, the diagram of what happened is built automatically.

You can see:

  • the previous steps

  • the decisions made (timestamped)

  • the people who took the decisions

  • eventually, the comments that have been written during the decision process.​

Fast design

Unlike other tools, it's not necessary to be a BPM expert (Business Process Management) to create workflows with PickaForm.

You simply define your steps by giving them a name, the people in charge, and the you list the possible decisions for each step.

That's all, you are ready!

Simple dashboard

Everything you have to know is summarized in two lists:

  • Workflows I have to process
    They are the workflows where you are an actor at the current step

  • My workflows
    They are the workflows you submitted and which you want to follow their status.