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Business processes made easy

Setup your own workflows and attach them to any of your forms


Simplified decision

When a workflow is enabled on a form, a dedicated header appears.

It shows the current workflow step and also what has to be done at this step.

The possible decisions are displayed a big buttons: you really can't miss them. Easy!

pickaform - workflow - actions.png

Complete history

When your form is progressing through the workflow, the diagram of what happened is built automatically.

You can see:

  • the previous steps

  • the decisions made (timestamped)

  • the people who took the decisions

  • eventually, the comments that have been written during the decision process.​

pickaform - historique du workflow.png

Fast design

Unlike other tools, it's not necessary to be a BPM expert (Business Process Management) to create workflows with PickaForm.

You simply define your steps by giving them a name, the people in charge, and the you list the possible decisions for each step. On top of it, the diagram is automatically generated!

That's all, you are ready!

pickaform - conception - interface de création d'un workflows.png
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